4J Studios: Scotland is Now for Minecraft

In this 2018 promotional video from Scottish Development International, Chris van der Kuyl, Chairman of 4J Studios, discusses how Scotland’s gaming sector has grown and evolved to support their growth.

4J Studios is best known for developing all of the console editions of the world-famous game, Minecraft.

The company works closely with the game’s publisher, Microsoft, in Bellvue near Seattle, but is located in Scotland’s cluster of games companies in Dundee.

Chris explains that during the 1990s they realized that the choke on growth for Scotland’s gaming sector would be finding talent. They approached the educational institutions to see if gaming-specific degrees could be developed, with Abertay being the first university in the world to create a degree-level computer games engineering course, which has cultivated a fantastic talent pool that grows more each year.

Furthermore he describes how Scotland provides for a culturally rich nation ideal for a high quality of life for those moving here to join it, with beautiful mountains and golf courses easily accessible from Dundee as an example.

He also cites Scottish Enterprise as being a fantastic support for them in their early years, before the industry was fully established.

And he says of course one the key features of Minecraft is that it has been populated with Scottish landmarks, from Edinburgh Castle to the Kelpies. A recent release adds Clans and Castles!


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